Two Black Men Denied Entry To Lucky Strike

I was recently retained to represent two young black males who were denied entry to the Lucky Strike Bowling Alley in NYC on September 17, 2010. According to the males, they were both denied entry because of a dress code despite the fact that both were well dressed. Both males claim that the bouncer let in white males that were not dressed as nice. This incident is similar to the one involving New York City police officer Aubrey Henry who claims to have been denied access to the Bowling Alley on February 27, 2010. Mr Aubrey’s lawsuit against the bowling alley is pending in Federal court.  Do you think places of public acomodation can deny access to people based on their gender, the color of their skin or on their race? Do you think Clubs and other places of public acomodation are using dress codes as a pretext to exclude for other reasons?


2 Responses

  1. “do you think…”
    “can” is the wrong word because it means “able” or “capable”. That is, does any private business that is “open” to the “public” have the ability to deny access? The answer is obviously yes because they did. Should they? Depends.
    “Are clubs using dress codes to deny access?” – No, they are using dress codes to “control” access, which is a different issue. I agree with any business using some means to weed out undesirables or those that in their opinion arent the clientele they are trying to attract.
    Maybe these two guys were known gangbangers who intentionally wore some nicer clothes to sneak into the club so they could sell drugs or commit murder. The bouncers arent all idiots and some are off-duty cops who may have known these guys.

    the club is just fortunate these guys didnt return with weapons and start shooting.

  2. This story boggles my mind. I think it always seemed so obvious, but alas to be true….one more reason so save your money and go take a yoga class instead;)
    Thank you for sharing…

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